1:32 AM

i feel so empty and so heavy

1:21 AM

things are bad

11:35 AM

Amanda in Little Tokyo; 2012.. It’s amazing to see how people grow and evolve // @hokaytokay #kodak

#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…
This is Amerikkka 2014

somewhere underneath all that make-up is actually grimes

kelly surdo, dying angels
cheyenne and i left new york and hadn’t told anyone. i spoke briefly to my parents and told them i wasn’t sure when i was going to be coming back but that i needed to go. we stayed in portland for a while with cheyenne’s family until they told us tensions were too high and we’d need to find somewhere else. we were out of places to go and people to stay with so we found the cheapest hotel in downtown portland and slept for a couple of nights until we could figure out where to go next. i remember we laid our things out in the room and undressed to take a bath. we didn’t say very much but i managed to take this photograph.
6:10 PM

Nobuyoshi ARAKI, Taken from “Keshiki - Sexual Colors”, 2002.

Anil Kilic